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Sunday, July 19, 2015
By #Arley Hall
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I'm no mathematician, but in this case, one plus one is more than two!

Accountants Lawrence and Sarah met over 10 years ago and survived largely apart at different colleges and universities until they finally moved in together 4 years ago.

Than it came, Sarah being suprised by Lawrence going down on one knee in the middle of a Med cruise last August and asked her to be his wife.

A couple so at ease with each other: she belongs with him and he belongs to her!

The scene is set; Bolton Abbey this September when they will finally tie the knot....., got my tissues ready: I can't wait! ;-)


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Rachel Fenelon - This album is beautiful. You have captured their love and laughter so well. Gorgeous photos - cannot wait for the wedding photos now. Thank you Neil ! X
Ron and Margaret - Ron and Margaret- we love the photos, they show they are very much in love. Brilliant work by the photographer. I would love to see them in Tatler or Hello journals. We can now look forward to the wedding and and know that the wedding photos will be created by a great professional photographer. Well done.
Jess Ellison - OMG, this is stunning! Beautiful work xxx
Julie and Dave Fenelon - are simply the best photographer. These pics are stunning. We have known you for years and your enthusiasm and passion never wears thin. You are a genius.....we just can not wait until September to see Sarah and Lawrence get are right they are just perfect for each other. Thank you X