Embsay Steam Railway Engagement shoot
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Sunday, October 18, 2015
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 The setting is the historic Embsay Steam Railway, set amongst the rolling hills of Yorkshire.

The landscape changes at every turn, some even say this is God's country?

Say hello to the lovey Jessica & Matthew from Newcastle, who's wedding I'm looking forward to shooting next year.

We shot this late afternoon, as the sun was low, parts of the landscape were almost dark.

Shooting in low light brings with it certain challenges, but the rewards are evocative.


Jess & Matt: It's over to you.....

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Kirsty Lever - Beautiful, is this their engagement photoshoot?
Their wedding is going to be something else if it is.

This photographer is on a different planet, pure artistry. Lucky couple!
Neil Griffiths - Hi Sally, i bumped into Dave just last week, hope you are all well! xx
Daniel Zamir - Ohhhh, these are so special. Well done!
Sally Morgan - Hi Neil, you did our amazing wedding pics 5 years ago.

Still amazing, how do you do it?
Joanne Myers - My word, this collection is pure art!
I love these pictures!
Karl Pennington - This is just beautiful, wow!
Jessica - A wonderful day from start to finish. Thank you Neil for going to all the trouble to find and travel to such a fantastic special location. A day to remember. So pleased with all the pictures. Next stop our wedding day! Xx