Hi, my name is Neil. 

My love for weddings is a complex thing, as an art school graduate and a specialist teacher, married for 21 years and father to a beautiful young daughter. i'm inspired by what makes life wonderful.

When it comes to weddings, it's that magic passion for a great story.

When people ask me what I do?, I answer "whatever it takes!"


Photography is freedom. Being able to bend things, most people see as a straight line

With so much happening, so many great and little moments that tell their very own story, every wedding, with so many emotions, there couldn’t be a better day to tell an amazing story in images.  Essentially images that reflect you, as you are.

Wether it be a DIY wedding at home or an Ancient fort in Africa, I capture everything as it is, focusing on the emotions, the mood, the connection between people. The perfect wedding is about couples simply being themselves and acting exactly as they feel, with friends and family as the colourful backdrop.


I live in Lancashire, England, but cover wedding stories all over the UK and the world. I love red wine, natural light and anything Italian and I will never, ever…..make you say cheese!

I find it hard to define my style, have a look through my work and hopefully you, like countless couples beforehand can feel that magic too, magic I cannot put into words, that's why I use a camera.

Every wedding I shoot is a magical one off personal project

If you're passionate too, get in touch